About B.

This blog is all about exploring. My hyperactive mind is always looking for something new to learn, enjoy & share.

You will find photos of my Travels, my Hobbies, book reviews & summaries, as well as my favorite excerpts. On my Brain Food section I share quotes & unrelated articles that I find relevant to our postmodern day. You can also find suggestions for movies & documentaries I find interesting.

I have a thing for growth. I sometimes speak about my health habits, lifestyle & tips (those are the hardest to follow).

Let me know if you have any recommendations about articles I should share, books I should read or topics I should cover in general!

I try to share one post for each section per week!

Hope you enjoy!

Stay curious,


P.S. This blog in no way represents the reality of my day-to-day life. It only highlights my favorite parts, mostly posed.