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“There is a movement growing of people who are eager to explore how they can improve their lives, the lives of those they love, and help build a better future for all of humanity.” – Chad Grills.

For those of us with a hyperactive mind, who feel like there’s not enough time to read it all, & can never settle when it comes to learning:

Check out this article from about leisure time & the power of the internet.

To add on to their list, my sister recommended this site with over 125,000 themed essays. Check it out! . Loving it!

I’m constantly asked about how I have time to read or blog, these articles are a great example of what you can do if you choose to focus on certain activities; they’re just as easy & accesible as social media.

I also love working on my body (mainly because it helps the mind, self-esteem, emotions, & soul), enjoy socializing, have a full-time job & am developing my own startup. If you invest the time you spend on social media or watching T.V. & flip open a book or focus on something you love to do, you’ll be more productive with your free-time & enjoy it more.

Soon enough, you’ll be craving your book before opening up Instagram & find that there’s still time for your social media (which I also love).

Speaking about organizing your time so that you’re free to do what you wish, this funny self-help book really helped me focus! Check out more of my recommendations on the Books section of my blog!

We all have the same time on the clock, it’s all about where you choose to invest it. When it comes to your body,  get up earlier & switch the gym for a hike, it’ll feed your mind & spirit, too. But I’ll save this topic for another post.

Never settle, keep roaming.

& always, always,

Stay curious,


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