🚀find a soul that vibes with yours.

This place must look a lot like paradise.

While we were navigating the seas I felt as if we were on Mars! The camera really couldn’t capture the light, color & beauty that meets the eye. The contrast of the red & black rock hills floating on the blue ocean was a combination I hadn’t seen this way before.

The landscapes in La Paz are truly magical. Along the coasts of La Paz there are beautiful virgin islands hidden around like, Isla Espíritu Santo, Balandra Beach, Todos Santos, among others. There are tons of activities to do for those hyperactive travelers like, scuba, snorkeling, dolphin, whale and sea lion watching, you can swim with the sea lions and whale sharks, too! Paddle boarding, kayaking, boat trips, photography tours, among others.  I will be sharing more from this trip in the next few weeks.

Being from México I felt as if I were on islands in Greece & Italy because I hadn’t seen this mixture of red & black rock on blue water except in Europe. But even compared to that this was uniquely magical.

I’ve been travelling abroad without realizing we have the most beautiful landscapes in MĂ©xico – & it’s much less expensive of an experience to live. You don’t need much to travel far & sometimes the greatest treasures are hidden in our own backyards!

The sights are eye-evoking & soul transforming.

I was truly moved & in awe throughout our stay.

Will be posting more about the lovely home we stayed in during this vacation.

Stay curious,


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