Last Excerpt for B@T’s!

I apologise for the delay. The past month has been pretty hectic with finals & personal events. But I am back! To finally end with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I saved the best for last! An excerpt with the infamous mean reds, the unresolved theme of a real-life place like Tiffany’s, belonging, her always-surprising past now revealing something about being a movie-star, the motive for the unnamed cat, Fred, some horses & a place near the beach in México. A defining point for Holly. This is my favourite passage in this story: Page 31-33. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by: Truman Capote   I find this to be the most iconic passage of the book. It is the most representative of Holly’s essence. She talks about past dreams of being a movie-star & self-improvement. She talks about ego & Tiffany’s. She speaks about being rich & famous, & how that’s very much on her schedule, & how she’ll someday get around to it. As she drinks away, & offers drinks that will not be payed by her. “Poor slob.” She speaks about her cat & I can’t help but think that she might just be talking about herself. Her constant effort of proving that she’s independent while she makes much emphasis on belonging. Yet her definition of belonging seems to be tied to things. & we understand her love for Tiffany’s. There’s even a bit of comedy while she explains it. The biggest surprise for me is when she mentions that she can’t wait for being old enough to wear diamonds. I would imagine her never wanting to be old. A dream that makes her more complex. & the mean reds. When she explains them I imagine we can all relate at some point. At least those of us who spend time alone. & I can’t help but associate what she describes as the mean reds with anxiety or control issues. God knows I’ve felt this. Reminds me of the feeling I had in my stomach when I was falling for what seemed like an eternity down the rabbit hole. Angst. I love how she doesn’t seem to notice that Tiffany’s is not a “real-life place” for her. She remembers somewhere where she was surrounded by nature, & paradoxically this is where she felt just like at Tiffany’s, like she belonged. She can go on & on about abstract things & superficial subjects. But the moment she mentions something that she actually cares about. She runs out of words.

Thank you for reading.

Stay curious,


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