The Evolution of Music (P. 6/6, the 20th Century-Today).


This last Part should be divided into hundreds of more parts simply because of the facility of creating & sharing music via different technologies. The variety of songs, groups, composers, instruments, & genres, etcétera is limitless

The 20th Century (1901-2000) changed all the rules.

Artists from all over the world & from all socio-economic levels were striving to create & share. There were open doors for opportunities in a way that had never been seen before. Thanks to mass media & technology. Later in the 90’s, the Internet changed everything for record labels.

The new generations of music were full of innovation, quickly adapting to change.

Let’s begin with Arnold Schoenberg,

Dmitri Shostakovich,

Béla BartókEdgard Varèse, Gustav Mahler,

Igor Stravinsky,

Claude Debussy, a French composer who created a music style named after the Impressionism:

These last few decades created an unbelievable amount of genres & inside the genres there are subdivision of genres. & along with it, thousands of artists who play with different genres combined. Here is a condensed list of a few artists per genre.

If you enjoy a particular genre I suggest you look up for more groups & artists that I didn’t list. & if you want me to add something or correct something be sure to comment!

Genres & Artists (according to the genres they’re mostly associated with).

Jazz with Miles Davis,

Charles Mingus,

John Coltrane,

Frank Sinatra (Pop),

Mary Lou Williams.

The Jazz Blues with B.B. King (R&B),

Norah Jones,

Billie Holiday:

Jazz-Funk with Jimmy Smith,

The Mizell Brothers,

& George Duke:

West Coast Jazz with Chet Baker,

John Graas,

Joe Morello,

Paul Desmond.

Folk artists like: Dixie Chicks (Country Rock & Pop),

Bob Dylan:

Damien Rice,

& Joni Mitchell (Folk Rock & Jazz).

R&B like Stevie Wonder,

The Temptations (Soul),

Marvin Gaye,

Al Green,

Denise Lasalle,

Ray Charles,

Alicia Keys,

Frank Ocean.

Soul like: Eykah Badu (Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B),

(ft. Common)

Amy Winehouse (Jazz, Soul, Pop),

Jill Scott.

Rock with Elvis Presley,

Pink Floyd,

The Doors,

Jimi Hendrix,



Led Zeppelin,


Johnny Cash (Country & Gospel),

The Rolling Stones (R&B),


The Wallflowers,

Eric Burdon & The Animals (R&B),

The Beatles (Pop),

John Lennon:

Janis Joplin (Blues, Soul, Jazz, Country),


Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers,

The Police,

Billy Joel,

Aerosmith (Blues),

Michael Jackson (Pop),

Bee Gees (Soul, Pop, Disco).

Hip Hop with Tupac,

Andre Nickatina,

Notorious B.I.G.,

Run D.M.C.,

Beastie Boys,


A Tribe Called Quest.

Rappers like Eminem,

MC Hammer,


Snoop Dogg,

(Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars)


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis,

(Feat. Mary Lambert)

Kanye West,

Metal with Black SabbathIron Maiden, & Metallica.

Reggae with Bob Marley,


Sublime (Ska),

Alternative/Indie Rock with David Bowie,



Nirvana (Grunge),

The Velvet Underground (Experimental),

White Stripes,

Goo Goo Dolls,


Smashing Pumpkins,


Red Hot Chili Peppers,

The Strokes,

Counting Crows,


The Black Keys,

Vampire Weekend,



Electronic dance/House like Bjork,

Daft Punk,

(feat. Pharrell Williams)

(feat. Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers)


Owl City,

& Skrillex (Dubstep).

Punk Rock like Joy Division,

Patti Smith (Punk Rock),

The Clash,

The Ramones,


The Verve Pipe,

Sex Pistols,

The Who,

Elvis Costello,

The Stooges,


& Catch 22.

Soft rock like Fleetwood Mac,


Air Supply,


Rupert Holmes,

Jack Johnson,

John Mayer (Blues).

Pop artists like Madonna (Electronic, Rock).


Synthpop with: Alphaville.

The past 15 years have resulted in an overwhelming amount of artistic creations that can easily be accessed online. The Internet has played the main role in this widening of opportunities to create.

In December 24, 1906 –  the first song was broadcasted on the radio.

August 1, 1981 – 1st video on MTV:

At the end of the 20th Century, in 1999, as technology advanced, appeared Napster & other programs to download music.

In 2004, Garageband was created. & the possibility of creating music directly from your computer or laptop was possible.

ProTools‘ origin dates back to 1983, being one of the best solutions for digital recording, composing, editing, & mixing.

iTunes was created in January 9, 2001. A program where you can organize music, movies & TV Shows you already have & shop for more.

In February 14, 2005, YouTube was created. A site I used multiple times throughout this project so you could view all these videos. You can use this site to upload, share & view videos.

Spotify was created in 2006 to create, share, & listen to online mixtapes.

In august 2007, SoundCloud was created. A user-friendly program to upload, record & promote music.

8Tracks was created in 2008. Another program to create your own online mixtapes.

& we encounter new productions daily that just keep getting more & more creative.

Here is an example:

Hope you enjoyed this music post!

Stay curious,


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