For Breakfast at Tiffany’s fans!

For any Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Capote, & Audrey fans. Ahead lie a few interesting things that have been said about this famous work.

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1. Truman Capote originally envisioned his friend, Marilyn Monroe to interpret Holly Golightly. But Marilyn was advised that a role about an implied call-girl would be bad for her image.

Marilyn & Capote2. Marilyn Monroe shares similar characteristics to Holly Golightly, which feeds the rumour that he was inspired by her. Starting with the fact that they both struggled to find a home as young girls. Arguably, they both have “daddy issues“. Also, Marilyn Monroe’s birth name is Norma Jeane Mortenson, while Holly Golightly’s is Lula Mae Barnes. They both changed their names for artistic purposes & to reinvent their identities. These previous facts among plenty others, can be found in common amongst the two.

3. Capote’s own life shares some characteristics in common with his own Holly & the narrator.

4. Others believe that Capote was inspired by his own mother to create the character of Holly. His mother’s birth name was Lillie Mae & she changed it to Nina.

5. There are plenty other theories about the real Holly Golightly including: Gloria Vanderbilt (heiress, artist, writer, & fashion designer, mother of Anderson Cooper), Carol Grace (actress & author), Maeve Brennan (writer & journalist), Suzy Parker (model & actress), Oona O’Neill (dated J.D. Salinger, Orson Welles, & married Charles Chaplin), Doris Lilly (writer of “How to Marry a Millionaire”, society columnist), Dorian Leigh (model), among others!

6. Capote has said however, that he was actually inspired by a woman who did live downstairs from him when he had just moved in to New York. Just like his novel. Though he never did come clean about who that woman was exactly.

7. This movie is infamous for it’s setting in New York, & along with the novel, this city is a big part of the story. However, it is said that they only shot 8 days in New York.

8. It was seriously discussed to have Marni Nixon dub Hepburn’s voice in Moon River.

9. A popular rumor presumes that cutting out the song was in discussion.

10. Mancini won his first two Oscars due to Moon River.

11. Hepburn’s infamous little black dress was designed with Givenchy & later auctioned for $923,000 dollars! The money was destined to support the construction of a school in Calcutta.

12. Hepburn had given birth to her son Sean just three months before the shooting! Unbelievable!

13. The movie cost a $2.5 million dollar investment. It earned $4 million on its release & another $14 million throughout.

14. Truman confirmed the influence of Holly from three women. One who died in Africa, the other two who “are very much alive” and wouldn’t sue him.

15. Playboy: Shortly after publication of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a writer named Bonnie Golightly sued you for $800,000, on the grounds that she was the real-life inspiration for your fictional heroine. At least four other New York girls about town countered with the claim that they were the prototype of Holly. Was the characterisation of Holly based on a real person?
Capote: Yes, but not on any of the people you refer to. The real Holly Golightly was a girl exactly like the girl in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with the single exception that in the books she comes from Texas, whereas the real Holly was a German refugee who arrived in New York at the beginning of the War, when she was 17 years old. Very few people were aware of this, however, because she spoke English without any trace of an accent. She had an apartment in the brownstone where I lived and we became great friends. Everything I wrote about her is literally true – not about her friendship with a gangster called Sally Tomato and all that, but everything about her personality and approach to life, even the most preposterous parts of the book.
– From a 1968 interview with Playboy, click to read.

16. Bonnie Golightly, a writer, said it ruined her life.

17. Harper’s Bazaar bought the rights for the serialisation of B@T’s but cancelled its publishing due to its scandalous nature.

18. Holly Golightly was originally named Connie Gustafson. The name was one of the last changes Truman made to the novel.

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