Abbas Attar is one of our most talented & recognised contemporary photographers. He is an Iranian photojournalist & photographer, born in 1944.

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*I highly suggest you check out these links if you are interested in learning more about Abbas & seeing more of his work.

  • He has photographed wars & revolutions in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cuba, Chile, South Africa, Middle East, & others.
  • He has also focused his work on religions like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, & Hinduism. Exploring the spirituality behind these.
  • He created a sort of diary called Iran Diary. 
  • He also photographed México & created an exposition with notes called Return to México, journey beyond the mask.
  • His book Allah o Akbar, a journey through militant Islam had special impact after the 9/11 attacks. It portrays the tense environment in some Muslim areas.
  • He has also treated Christianity as a subject, publishing the book: Faces of Christianity, a photographic journey.
  • His book, In Whose Name? The Islamic World after 9/11 includes his work in sixteen different countries.
  • Les Enfants du lotus, voyage chez les Bouddhistes focuses on Buddhism.

His work has special focus on social, religious & political coverage of developing nations.

I highly recommend his prestigious work. He truly is someone to learn from as an artist & amaze as an art lover.

Abbas definitely incites deep & stirring emotion along with eye-opening perspectives we may not be accustomed to.

Stay curious,


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