A Wild Thing & New York. 

Page 59. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by: Truman Capote

Holly Golightly quite literally compares herself to a wounded wild animal. In other words, she says that love feeds her, heals her, & makes her stronger. Strong enough simply to run away again, or in this case, to fly. For the first time, we can tell that she is aware of her effect on people & the fact that she uses them for her own benefit.

Another paradox in her persona: Holly needs others so she can be on her own. These behaviour habits would make anyone else seem independent, detached, or powerful, but really she seems more fragile than ever. She sees herself as a wild thing, which in definition describes her perfectly. But we can also tell that she believes wild to be a synonym of strength when it quite obviously makes her all the more chaotic & vulnerable.

She’s lost control again. Rambling on, moderately drunk.

& then, when we begin to think we have her all figured out, it seems that she is pushing Doc -& others- away, for their own good. Describing New York, or wherever the sky is to her, as an empty place.

Stay curious,


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