Cages & Masks. 

Page 44. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by: Truman Capote

We see the streets of New York & the windows of its antique shops. Movement. & we’re back to her for a second. “But still, it’s a cage.” Poetry. Fear. Truth. & we’re moving again, this time quicker. The most enchanting side of her shows. She’s a child again.

Capote plays with us: “nuns – trying on masks.” Poetry again?

Then, some romance & the simplicity of getting away with something. 

& we see Holly again. As mischevious as a child. Having some fun. Desperate for atenttion & adrenaline. & a slight authority complex ‘cuz there’s just no limits for a bird outside a cage.

Lastly, he pulls us back in, reminding us that this wild creature had been anything but a child.

“We wore the masks all the way home.”

Stay curious,


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